1. What is virtual run?

Virtual run is a running event that can be completed at any location and any time. Participants sign up online, complete the designated distance, and submit their run results online.

2. What kind of exercise count?

The type of exercise that counts depends on the specific event and its rules. In most cases, walking, running, hiking, and cycling activities are allowed.

3. Who can participate?

Anyone! Young or old, fast or slow. We encourage participants of all ability levels.

4. Why should I do a virtual run?

A virtual run is a good self-motivated race that keep you on track with your health and fitness goals. And also a chance to add a very cool medal into your collection.

5. What entitlements does a finisher get?

The finisher's entitlements can vary depends on the event. In most cases, the runner will receive a finisher's medal, a finisher's t-shirt, a personalized e-bib number, an e-cert or other event merchandise (if available).

6. Do I have to complete the challenge distance all at one time? 

Its also vary depending on the specific event. In most cases, participants are allowed to break up the distance over multiple sessions. However, some challenge are required to completing the distance all at once. It's important to check the event rules and guidelines before signing up.

7. How to I track my distance and time?

You can track by GPS watch, free smartphone running app that can show your run distance and date. For those who run on treadmill, you can switch the GPS watch or running app to treadmill mode.

8. Where and how to upload my results?

Log into your account and navigate to "invoice" section to submitting your results. Please check out the quick guide here.

9. Can I use the same result for different races?

Yes, you can.

10. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do! We welcome participants from all around the world.

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